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An attractive bright smile can do wonders for your self-esteem. Discolored or stained teeth may be less than appealing, detracting from your overall appearance. The BriteSmile® Whitening System offers a rapid, safe, and gentle solution to bring back the natural color of your teeth with minimal discomfort. This system combines gel and light, enabling teeth whitening of up to 14 shades in just one sitting.

BriteSmile® boasts several benefits over other comparable whitening solutions. Firstly, the whitening gel does not require activation by lasers or heat, meaning no radiation exposure. Instead, BriteSmile® employs a special lamp that emits blue light, speeding up the whitening process. All visible “smile” teeth are uniformly whitened, avoiding over-sensitivity in the lips, gums or soft tissues. The BriteSmile® gel is highly viscous, preventing tooth dehydration and ensuring the results last longer.

Who is BriteSmile® suitable for?

Ideal candidates for the BriteSmile® whitening procedure have robust, healthy teeth and gums. If gum disease is present, it should be addressed before applying the gel. Patients with extreme tooth sensitivity, thinning teeth or deep, inorganic stains may not find whitening treatments suitable.

BriteSmile® can effectively tackle issues such as:

  • Discoloration due to tobacco consumption.
  • Staining from potent food and beverages.
  • Yellowing teeth due to aging.
  • Grey teeth (typically hereditary).
  • Organic staining.
  • What should be done prior to BriteSmile® treatment?

BriteSmile® works best on clean, healthy teeth. A comprehensive cleaning is advised before the procedure, to remove plaque, tartar, and decaying food particles. The dentist will conduct a thorough examination during the cleaning process to look for fractures, inflammation, or decay. Photos may also be taken before the bleaching procedure to facilitate a clearer comparison of “before and after” results.

Even though the whitening procedure only takes about an hour in the office, you may be provided with BriteSmile® toothpaste, dental trays, and a less potent version of the gel for at-home use. BriteSmile® is long-lasting and efficient, but stains can reappear rapidly on the teeth, especially with tobacco use.

What does the BriteSmile® procedure involve?

None of the steps in the BriteSmile® system should cause discomfort. The BriteSmile® gel contains only a 15% or 25% concentration of hydrogen peroxide, so your teeth and gums should feel comfortable. Many other whitening treatments use a 35% or 50% concentration of hydrogen peroxide, which can lead to tooth dehydration and hypersensitivity. BriteSmile® gel is balanced with water and glycerin, which work together to keep the teeth hydrated. The whitening gel is applied to the teeth in three twenty-minute sessions as follows:


  • A retractor is inserted in the mouth to fully expose the teeth.
  • A hardening resin is applied to the gums to shield them from potential irritation by the whitening gel.
  • The gel and blue light are applied to the teeth for twenty minutes.
  • The dentist monitors the progress of whitening.
  • The gel is removed, and a fresh layer of gel is applied for another twenty minutes.
  • The gel is again removed, and more gel is applied for an additional twenty minutes.
  • The retractors are taken out when the final application of gel is completed.
  • The mouth is rinsed, and the new color of the teeth is assessed immediately.
  • The teeth might appear extremely white right after the treatment due to mild dehydration. The true color of the teeth will be noticeable once they’ve rehydrated, typically within 48 hours.

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